Are you a disgruntled employee?

Or are you feeling lost in what you do?

Why are some employees more satisfied then others? Why do some companies have great employee satisfaction rating then others? Why do some organizations have a retention and turnover problem? The answer is surprising simple. One or several of the “primary satisfiers” of participation in a job, task, duty or mission is missing.

The six primary satisfiers must be attended to, whether you are recruiting volunteers or hiring employees. The same promise applies to whether you are being recruited or are the recruiter.

I have blogged about the satisfiers previously. I have been asked to elaborate on each of the primary satisfiers. To perform a deeper dive into each one and share more detail then previously provided. Over the next couple of months I will provide a six part blog series on the primary satisfiers of any mission (as defined by your job, duty, purpose or what you do).

The first primary satisfier to any mission is “Compensation”.

Money isn’t everything. That is true and if I heard my Mothers voice echoing in the back of my head correctly she would be suggesting that money is the route of all evil. Not sure about that. There are plenty of examples of wealth doing greatness. And as a matter of fact that saying comes from Mark Twain and the saying really is “the lack of money is the root of all evil”. The point is whether it is bad having too much or perhaps it is just as bad not to have not enough. Most certainly I would agree as it relates to the first primary satisfier, compensation.

Regardless, you do require a monthly amount to sustain yourself. Know what that number is. Have a personal budget completed for yourself that recognizes the monthly amount you require to sustain the lifestyle you are prepared to live by. This is all about a choice. This is a very important choice in establishing what the compensation number is (assuming the compensation is wage or cash). Think of it as selling your house. You have a number in mind that you will take for the sale. If you get more, wonderful, but you won’t take less.

I have often seen one of the biggest problems with aggressive sales people in any company is that the desire to close the deal is directly related to the “feast or famine” environment they are sometimes placed within. These sales people are on straight commission and although the concept sounds good, they “kill what they eat”. When they are hungry they don’t care or they care less, how they kill or what they kill. This is a good example of not good alignment of the requirement of compensation.

You may be thinking how does this come into play if I am volunteering or if I am the primary child and homecare provider of the house. In other words there is no “Cash” or “pay” provided for the service (directly).

Compensation in the context of being one of the six primary satisfiers is defined as “providing something or receiving something for acts of service in the performance of a specific task or duty, whether it be monetary, a reward, recognition, acknowledgement and/or inspiration from the performance of the task being completed”

In this context that statement “follow your passion and the money will come” holds true. I would simply remove the word “money” and insert “compensation” referring to the definition just described. Here is a little formula to help you with alignment of the First of six primary satisfiers “compensation”:

Requirement = Compensation

The clear lesson here is to define your compensation requirement up front. If you are simply looking for recognition of some sort or perhaps a barter deal, establish it clearly up front. If it is biweekly wage that you require to pay the bills, understand what it is. Match the requirement to the task you are asking someone to perform or you are being asked to perform. Less is a showstopper. More is a bonus and recognize it as a bonus.

If you are being asked or asking individuals to perform for less than the requirement you will not have a sustainable model. It is only a matter of time before your departure or their departure occurs or should be occurring because performance will not be adequate. As important to remember, if you are thinking a higher compensation then requirement will trump (or replace) any one or multiple of the other primary satisfiers, you are wrong! All six are equally important and must be achieved. Next blog one deck, “competency”.

“He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money”.

Benjamin Franklin

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