Are you actively engaged or easily distracted and suffering from lack of desired results?

I realize we all have days that are tougher than others. I completely get it. I have been an employee, a leader of many, a leader of few, a parent, a volunteer, community member and I have been on my own being self-employed. And I totally understand the feeling of being disconnected and frustrated about my individual performance or the performance of those around me, regardless of my role.

Well this may very well be the blog you have been waiting for. This blog contains the secret. No not the secret as written by Rhonda Byrne. No this is the secret to engagement. Regardless of whether you are a business leader, and employee or the king or queen of your domain the secret lies in three words.

Three simple words that will change your approach to everything you do and how you ask others to participate in the things you do or have influence on what you expect them to do. I’m talking about the way you accomplish any task, big or small in any environment. In a business setting, a volunteer organization, and your family.

These three words will impact how you have others embrace their duties as laid out for them as well. How they cope with change and handle adversity. These three words when applied to yourself and all involved with any task will accomplish the things on your own to do list, and any list you are part of with anyone in your life. Yes employees, friends, family or any group of individuals using the same three words with discipline will change the result of any initiative. And you will have more positive effective results every single time than ever before.

Ready, here they are: commitment, accountability and consequence. CAC is the secret. Try it in practice, whether it is your own issue or action item requiring your own self discipline or a group of individuals struggling to achieve greatness. The secret to engagement is commitment, accountability and consequence. Here is how you use CAC:

Ask for commitment and identify what the commitment is going to be. Explore that commitment thoroughly making sure there is no room for confusion. Be crystal clear of what the end result looks like. And yes I do mean talking to yourself if you are a lone wolf with high expectations. If we don’t know what we are committing to how can we possibly be held accountable? Never mind actually reaching our goal, accomplishing the task, objective or simply completing a “to do” item on our list. Begin with absolute clarity of commitment.

Identify what everyone (or just you) is going to be held accountable for/ to. That is the accountability that will be clearly defined as the tasks that have to be completed, and clearly all know who is accountable for what. Pretty easy if it is just you. Not necessarily easy to accomplish but we all know who to point fingers at if you are on your own. Regardless, everyone needs to understand what has to be done to achieve the agreed upon commitment. And what each person is going to be accountable for. Full disclosure. That’s holding each other accountable and understanding self accountability. There is no hiding on this one.

What if we don’t complete our commitment or I fall short of my accountability list? Set the consequence up at the start. And once again make sure all involved know what the consequence is and that individuals and members of the team will be held to that consequence. No room for negotiation. If we don’t execute what we committed to by falling short of what we agreed we would be held accountability to then this is the consequence. Got it! No exception. And when we achieve our commitment through all of us being held and being accountable here is the consequence we achieve. Consequence is not necessarily a bad thing. It should be a celebration when achieved!

Three little words with a whole bunch of power. Being disciplined in this application is the magic. However, the clarity of commitment, being held with accountability and understanding consequence needs to be understood and agreed upon. It will drive you to new improved results regardless of the task at hand. Remember things that get written down get accomplished. So write it all down and read it often.

It is all about choice. That’s where the real power is. Never under estimate the power of everyday choices. You can achieve any success you desire by following simple rules in life like CAC …… commitment, accountability and consequence.

“Individual choices have universal consequences.”

Laurie Buchanan

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