Your personality will impact the last of the sixth element of the primary satisfiers you need to attend to in order to obtain compete satisfaction in your mission in life.

The sixth satisfier is balance. For the last several weeks we have been completing a deep dive into all six of the satisfiers; fit, competency, compensation, values, growth and now balance. I have said continually that they are all equally important. And that is true. It could be argued though that all of the satisfiers are impacted by your personality. However, balance, seems to be directly tied to your personality style. In other words if you are a “driver” you will not naturally want to have down time. If you are a very thoughtful careful thinker it may come natural to you to build in some time for reflection. And if you are a “social butterfly” being around others and making decisions to attend functions won’t seem difficult at all.

I have blogged about the balance exercise in the past and would encourage you to go back in the archives and dig up the exercise. As a quick reminder it is a math problem. I know you may not like math but this one is easy math and it will alter your life provided you chose to follow it. Here it is in summary; start with 168 hours (7days times 24 hours per day). Subtract from that weekly total the hours you will dedicate to the following categories in this order.

1. Yourself

2. Your community.

3. Your mission

4. Social time

5. Spiritual time

After your first cut if you have time left over, start from the beginning again and allocate the hours left. Your tendency may be to dump the balance of time into one category. That wouldn’t be wise.

Then, follow the time allocation by writing down your daily “to do” or “action list” in support of the budgeted time allocation you have planned above (most of us have no problem doing this task for your mission, secret here is to recognize all parts of your life). If you do that alone, you will have more balance and disciplined allocation of time for all the important things in life and you will be paying attention to the three rules (yourself, community, mission) with more attentiveness then ever before. Good job!

Now what’s up with the personality comment relating to balance? I am a partner with the Wiley group who own and operate Everything DiSC. As a partner, I distribute and facilitate training of DiSC products. Your DiSC profile determines your personality style. There are four primary styles with a total of 12 variations to the primary style. The four primary style types are Driver, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Depending on which primary style you have will really determine how easy it will be for you to do the balance exercise and live by it. Additionally, those around you and their style may influence how disciplined you are towards this exercise. The real point is, regardless of your style make the commitment to the exercise and you will improve your balance in life. And improving balance in life is the number one comment I hear from absolutely everyone regardless of their role in life or their personality style that they have dissatisfaction issues with and complaints about not having enough time.

As I sit in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my wife Barb and daughter Larissa contemplating a day at the beach I will share this additional discipline with you as it relates to the working the balance exercise. Use the math exercise above, respect your personality style and “reverse engineer”

your life. What does reverse engineer your life mean? Start by using the three rules (yourself, community and mission) and plan what you want the next six months or year to look like. Then allocate the time in the future towards an activity, desire action that fits with the three rules. I planned the trip to Cabo into my weekly balance exercise knowing that in my reverse engineering the plan I am eventually sitting on a beach. Now it may not be Cabo for you, the point is, plan out what you want the plan to look like and through reverse engineering and following the balance exercise you will make it happen. What is your Cabo in the next six months?

Things that get written down get done. Goals that you set get accomplished. Monitor your actions towards your goals daily. Use the balance exercise every week and remember regardless of your personality style, we all have the ability to chose and that’s where the real power is, in choice!

“How did it get so late so soon?”

Dr. Seuss

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