Choice: what is it worth?

“It is never enough.”

I found proof that this statement is not true and in fact, “it is enough.” But it’s just a matter of choice. And as long as it is your choice, it won’t be wrong.

Choice is the critical aspect to the answer to this statement, “it’s never enough”. And choice is directly linked to your values. Verify and confirm your values to every choice you make and you will have eternal contentment. It’s true and it’s that easy. And yes it does require effort.

I wrote the words “it’s never enough” in my first book, Boardroom to Base Camp. The words were said to me at a significant event in my life when after closing out a considerably large business transaction and having the privilege of writing several multi million dollar cheques to many executives it was explained to me that “its never enough”. Those words changed my life forever.

Yes I was one of the recipients of one of those large cheques. The words placed me into a comma of sort. I unplugged, got lost, stammered around for the next few years wondering what to do next. I refused opportunities in executive roles. A role I was very familiar with and could have brought continued wealth and presumably another big payout to me and others.

I probably made some decisions that were not aligned properly to my core values. I suspect I was like an addict. Somedays were better than others and I eventually went into a kind of rehab. Choosing to stay off the executive treadmill and challenging what would be next. I was continually searching and I wasn’t sure how would I know. I so not wanted to be that “it’s never enough” guy. I couldn’t help but be haunted by the thought that if that statement was true then what does life really mean. Is it really a continual pursuit of happiness, satisfaction and the need of more of everything with no level of fullness ever reached? That scared the hell out of me.

I was asked last evening by a waiter at the Cabo Azul resort in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico “how do I achieve happiness”. Now in fairness this comment is coming from one of the hardest working people’s of the world. Yes according to the OECD and WTO both rank Mexico’s labor force of 78 million workers as the hardest working in the world in terms of the amount of hours worked yearly, although profitability per man-hour remains low. So Antonio my waiter ask me the question which is directly related to “is it ever enough” statement (although he didn’t realize that). The answer is the same to both statements. Live your life in complete alignment with your values, making every choice with your values top of mind and you will achieve peace, contentment and happiness.

Now how do I know this is true? I have plenty of proof. The most profound proof are the words in the following text message I received after a heartfelt departure upon setting up my son in his new school in Finland:

“Dad, thank you so much for going on another incredible adventure with me. Thank you for raising me and guiding me to become TJ Millar. I love you and I will make you proud. Going to miss ya everyday and never forget that I will always be proud to be your son”.

The power is in choice. I made the right choice. Is it ever enough? Yes it is and the words from my son are worth more millions than I ever received or could have received from the executive treadmill.

Align your choices with your values. Follow dreams and passion with that alignment and your happiness is achieved. Or to my new friend Antonio the waiter at Cabo Azul, ”felicidad conseguida”.

Be careful what you are driving towards, it might be right there with you today.

“Don’t give up what you want most, for what you want today”.

Author unknown.

© 2013-2014 R. Todd Millar. All rights reserved.

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