Don't stop the growth!

As previously discussed in my last few posts, the six primary satisfiers (compensation, competency, growth, fit, values and balance) must be attended to whether you are recruiting volunteers or hiring employees. The same applies to whether you are being recruited or are the recruiter. And remember when I say “your mission” it is your purpose, your job, your activity, that thing you do each and every day/week.

If you are not growing personally and professionally you are losing ground on all fronts and are on the clear path of being miserable at your mission. You need to change quickly your routine, your attitude or maybe what you do.

From day-one in life, humans begin to grow and are challenged. We are inquisitive and look at everything with wonderment. We learn adopt and move onto the next issue. Anything that becomes routine in our early years is modified. As children, if we are bored we get agitated and we seek something else to be occupied (sometimes driving parents crazy in the process). Regardless, we are continually seeking new excitement and learning’s. In the early years we are in school learning and developing in every aspect of life. Every year we are progressing through new curriculum. We are maturing and developing in every possible way. Some of us slower than others but nonetheless we are all on a path of growth. Suddenly we arrive at the age (no predetermined number here) whereby we are now are in our mission of life and some of us gradually (if not quickly) by choice or design slow or stop the growth component that provided all the energy throughout life to that moment in time. Whether it happened slow or gradually it starts to feel like a routine and becomes agony. We now start saying things like we hate our job, I can’t believe I have to work today, I hate having to do this these are all symptoms of misalignment of mission and they may be directly caused by NO GROWTH.

What is growth?

If you are a business owner and we are talking about business growth I would define growth by using specific metrics such as top line revenue, number of units, margin and bottom line.

The growth I am referring to as a primary satisfier is all about YOU as an individual. And it is more appropriately defined as developing or maturing physically, mentally and spiritually. This is achieved by many actions that are required in your daily activities inside your mission. Most importantly as it relates to satisfaction, if you are not experiencing growth your chances of being excited, motivated and energetic about what you do in life are fairly slim. Actually you are probably a “treadmill walker” and pretty much dread each day you arrive to participate in your mission in life. Apparently you have grown up and in our society it is ok as an adult to accept that fact that learning stopped when you graduated. WRONG! Growth is all about being a continual leaner. Be a student for life.

So how do you gauge and attend to being back on the path of growth? Start looking for challenge. Accept the notion of being challenged, step outside your comfort zone and ask questions. Questions are a great indicator that you’re growing and learning. Are you into a routine that is starting to feel like brushing your teeth? Change it up if you can. Look for more things to do or other opportunities in the environment. If there are not, it might be time for a change.

There are metrics inside personal and professional growth. You can take a personality test. There are many out there such as Myers Briggs, McQuaig and DiSC. The profile will give you a sense of where you are at and where you might want to grow as it relates to four or five categories of growth. Take a test and confirm your knowledge in a particular topic you have been developing in such as book keeping. Sign up for a course being offered regardless of whether your employer offers it or not. Set personal and professional growth objectives in a personal action assessment. If your employer isn’t good at performance reviews or you don’t have an employer do you your own review. Assess current state and establish desired state and assess frequently. Ask yourself the simple question, “Am I growing and developing”?

Growth comes in many forms but as it relates to the primary satisfier of your mission, if you are not experiencing the wonderment of growth that we were all born with, that treadmill is a long journey of misery. Get off it today and start making choices of personal and professional growth.

Number four satisfier, FIT, is next.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”.Benjamin Franklin

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