Grab hold! The seasons of change are upon us.

As the end of September approaches and we begin the first business week of fall, the season changing marks an exciting time; and if you live somewhere in the world where you enjoy the distinctions of fall, summer, winter, spring you know exactly what I’m talking about.

September brings the end to summer and the beginning of a new season through the sensation of fall.

What’s sensational about fall?

Everything transforms into a stage of readiness. Leaves change color and fall to the ground, winds pick up and people and animals alike are busy collecting enough food/supplies for the months to come. Yes it’s true that each season brings its own unique and very sensational attributes that contribute to the next season. They are all connected.

Now truth-be-told, I’m not a big winter fan. There is no question I prefer sun and warmth. Having said this I respect the changes in seasons and more importantly I recognize the importance of those changes in nature. You need all four season and their respective changes to contribute to the pattern of life.

It turns out the seasonal change occurring around us impacts how we do business as well. There are the obvious impacts in any business. If you operate a ski resort or have a boating destination you’re generally impacted by the geographic area respectfully. But I’m not really talking about the obvious seasonal attributes, or the impact of events that occur within them like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentines Day. I’m referring to the natural change that occurs with seasonal impacts and the need for business to pay attention to the seasons of change and how they impact employees, customers and ultimately the bottom line.

Lets go back to fall. I liken fall to the real strategic time of year for any business. It is the last quarter of a calendar year. Regardless of your fiscal year end we are all wired to think and plan according the calendar year. The months ahead bring a new beginning, a new start to your business. That new beginning is January. Yep the dead of winter is the new beginning. This season, FALL, is the time to make plans. Reflect on the past three quarters. Assess what went right and what not so right. Adjust the plan ahead based on past performance and new knowledge. At same time stay focused on the excitement of closing out this calendar year with one of the busiest time for virtually any business as you approach December. And I am not just talking about Christmas retail madness. Every business thinks about their spending in the fourth quarter and if they have been conservative or frugal they just might be looking at that budget space left in an expense category to spend. And they may be coming to you.

What about employees? Well they are impacted by the seasonal change as well. And contrary to mass opinion employees approach the fall with excitement as well. Some of employee’s most productive times are in the months ahead. The have come off the dog days of summer. They too, regardless of their role, are naturally planning for the winter ahead. Just like chipmunks we are naturally wired to scurry and collect all we can for the winter. This is a very productive time to capitalize. If you are an employer then you should be incenting employees for this energy of FALL. If you are an employee this is your time to shine and provide ultimate performance that will pay dividends in the New Year that is just months ahead.

You can expect that the cycle of change is a continuum. Go figure. The four seasons can be added to the things in life you can count on versus the taxes and death statement that naturally follows the question “things you can count on”. I prefer to choose the positive nature to things I can count on in my life (in case you needed an insight I don’t liken death and taxes in this context as positive). The seasons and in particular the season that is upon us is one of the most positive times for all of us. Regardless of your mission (the thing you do) take advantage of this FALL. Fully embrace the change with excitement and the preparation this time of year asks you to think about in all aspects. No surprise here, the real power is in choice and you all have the ability to choose!

Never underestimate the power in everyday choices.

“There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant about the annual cascade of autumn leaves.”

Joe L. Wheeler

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