If I only had three weeks to live.

What’s the most important thing to do? It is such an interesting thought to ponder. The panic that creeps in when we think about the multitude of issues on our list. Our yet to be accomplished list. Or as my dear friend Mikki Williams says, your experience list. What would you do? How do you even began to prioritize the items? Would you list and rank? Would you travel? Would you buy things? How about friends and family? What about all the things you would like to tell all those who you have a message for? Wow, I can’t imagine the confusion and panic that would come over each of us as we tried to rationalize all of the important things to be accomplished in three weeks.

Here is an exercise for you to put life and the degree of this initial question in perspective for yourself.

  1. List the things that would be attended to if you were told you only had three weeks to live, be very specific. Categorize the items and rank them in the order of importance. Perhaps even schedule out how you will accomplish the list with a realistic timeline. After all, you only have three weeks.
  2. Oops. You were told you only have three days. What changed on your list? Literally go back to the list and start scratching things off. You have to get that timeline down to three days. Holy crap! What gets cut! What stays?? Get it down because time is so valuable.
  3. A real screw up, you only have 24 hours. What is really the only thing you will attend to on the three day list? Cut and decide! This is really a huge challenge but you only have twenty four hours.

Now, go and do that twenty four hour thing right now! And more importantly start living your life so that you will not have to live with a three week list of pressure and panic.

I hope this exercise is only and ever only an exercise. I can’t imagine being truly faced with such an intense review of the critical things to be completed prior to three weeks, three days, and twenty four hours. I do appreciate that many have to face this under the grim reality.

My thought, why wait for the grimness of this process. Why not challenge yourself to conduct the assessment and find the thing(s) that you would do if you had no time, and do them while we do have the time.

Life is truly about choices. And each and every one of us possesses the real power in life, choice!

"Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life."

— Michael LeBoeuf

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