Is it a fit?

The next satisfier we will cover is the fourth primary satisfier: “Fit”.

Here is your quick reminder of the six primary satisfiers (compensation, competency, growth, fit, values and balance) must be attended to whether you are recruiting volunteers or hiring employees. The same applies to whether you are being recruited or are the recruiter. And remember when I say “your mission” it is your purpose, your job, your activity, that thing you do each and every day/week.

Fit or fitting into the environment you’re in as it relates to your mission, the thing you do day in and out, is not intended to be a suggestion of becoming a conformist. You need to be an individual. Fit is really all about your surroundings and in particular the people you are working with in your role as part of the team. This may be the simplest of the six primary satisfiers in terms of recognition. We know very quickly upon arrival, of any environment where we are being introduced to new people, as to whether we are comfortable, feel a connection and generally feel we FIT in. That is what I am referring to when I identify “FIT” as one of the primary satisfiers.

If you are the hiring manager or the recruiter for the group you need to make sure you are considering the “FIT” component of the six primary satisfiers. Far too often the recruitment process fails us as a result of the recruiter not thinking about the group dynamics and how the new person will fit into the group. We assume that because the person has all the skills, a good resume and performed well in the interview that all will be well. Later we discover there is a major disruption in the performance of the group. What’s up? The person didn’t fit with the group. Doesn’t mean the new person was a bad person, simply he/she didn’t mesh with the existing group in terms of the dynamic.

The same can be said about a seemingly great company or group you want to be part of. You seek out the opportunity to get involved. You chase it with vigor thinking and how great it would be to be part of the organization. You arrive and are successful in getting in and there is something off. It is not feeling nearly as good once you attempt to FIT in with the group.

Don’t despair; the issue of FIT is found in every living entity in life. Insects, birds, dogs, cats, fish etc. all instinctively accept or deny others as they try to join the group. If it doesn’t feel right or that little voice inside of you are sending up warning signs, do not try to force “FIT”. It won’t work and over time you will be seeking a change.

Follow your instincts, recognize the importance of fit and don’t try to force your self or others into the environment. What’s so interesting is the alignment between fit and our next topic on the next satisfier, “Values”.

Number five satisfier, VALUES, is next.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” ― Dr.Seuss

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