Let's talk minor hockey...

Ok maybe Olympics or maybe Behavior…

I probably shouldn’t. One of the last times I went on a rant (not really, but the media said I did) about hockey I ended up resigning as a volunteer President, getting headlines in every national paper, and writing a book titled MORON: The Behind the Scenes Story of Minor Hockey. Ok, I promise given the time of year and all of the excitement of the Olympics, and in particular hockey, I will stay 100% positive on every topic I embrace.

I officiate hockey. Yep it is true I am closing in on 51 and still on the ice with the kids and I love it. Officiating is the one thing for me that I can zone out, put aside all the things in life and be absolutely engrossed in one thing whole heartedly. Professionals often say that all of us need to find an escape that allows the mind to shut down. Know yours??

Ok I digress; while officiating some minor hockey recently, the NHL season winding down for the Olympic break and a heavy dose of Olympic hockey coming our way….. I couldn’t help but start connecting dots. Yes a favorite pastime of mine, connecting the dots of life. Maybe I should officiate more and stop thinking so much. As I was saying, I am officiating this minor hockey game with 12 and 13 year olds. The game is progressing and all is generally good. The recurring symptom that is emerging; one of the coaches is stating his disgust of every call made by all officials. Offside, penalties, icing, you name it this coach was not going to be happy. Now I refuse to get negative so I will share the results of the game; no major incidents and 4 children from this coach’s team came and shook the hand of the officials. That was a clear reminder to me that four parents are really attending to the up bringing of their children. Regardless of the coaches’ leadership, these 4 children were on the proper behavior path.

The Olympics are on and you ask what the correlation is? What is the connection to my good news story of 4 parents and the Olympics? Well it is about behavior, the right behavior. This behavior is mirrored in a speed skater who gives up his spot for another. More important the new skater wins silver and consistently acknowledges the real hero at every chance he gets. A cross-country Canadian coach provides a replacement ski to another competitor, very cool. Three sisters compete and cheer for each other even though one doesn’t place, the bond is very clear.

These behaviors, positive behaviors, are parallel to a handshake by four 13 year olds after what apparently was a poorly officiated hockey game. These individuals standing out just like their adult mentors. More examples include a team mate thinking through what might be best for a medal run, a coach looking on with support to a stranger, and sisters sticking together during competitive situations.

These are all behaviors that create positive outcomes!

A positive outcome is the answer in all situations. What is the positive outcome that you are bringing to your world today? You don’t have to be a minor hockey player, Olympian, or an executive leader to embrace the positive behavior approach to success. It truly is an approach to life and a key element in successful results. Start today! Stop (I know that word is negative) not acting! Each of us has the ability do great things! We are all heroes. In the rink start reminding everyone about great behavior, at work be positive or don’t say anything at all, in play smile and be that contagious personality. It is so easy to focus on the negative. Your challenge starting today is be positive and engage in an Olympian positive behavior!

The real power is in everyday choices……. What positive behavior choice are you making today?

“If you want to change attitudes, start with a change in behavior”.

— William Glasser

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