Moron book and its early release ... want one?

During a recent trip to the states with my wife Barbra, we arrive at the US Customs desk and are asked the infamous question, “what do you do sir?” (Man, I hate that question. It drives home the point that we live in a society that defines each person by his or her occupation. Aren’t we way more than that? I digress). Well, I proudly answer to the US Custom Guard, “I’m an author.” Unknown to me, Barb is holding back a smile and laughter. I will chose to believe that she simply isn’t used to me identifying myself as an author rather than she truly thought my identification of myself as an author was humorous.

Today, I blog on the eve (well maybe the week), prior to the release of my second book, “Moron: the behind the scenes story of minor hockey”.

The notion of volunteerism and giving back which I’m a strong advocate of is the foundation of this book. I spent seven years dedicating the better part of every week (30 hours per during the hockey season) volunteering in Hockey Calgary for this great game we love, hockey. More importantly, I naively dedicated my time for the children not fully understanding the degree in which our minor hockey game is in peril. I volunteered in every capacity in hockey Calgary from a coach opening the player’s bench gate to the president. As a board member and the participant of the governing body of Alberta’s largest Hockey Association, I was part of initiating, tackling and implementing some of the most significant change ever witnessed in a minor hockey association. You could say, I saw the “good the bad and the ugly”.

Upon my well-publicized departure as a result of me expressing my personal opinions on the body checking topic while still in the volunteer capacity of president, inappropriately using social media (a blog) and the blog being circulated, I resigned but felt adamant I didn’t want the issues I witnessed to be lost. I decided to contact my publisher (I’m an author) and create a meaningful book that brings all the minor hockey issues as I witnessed them to the forefront. It’s here! And I’m very excited about this wonderful book that I am sure all will enjoy and will find to be an eye opener to learn and apply action to invoke change after reading.

So it all started with a blog. I now use the same vehicle (my blog) to create an opportunity. If you are involved with minor hockey in any capacity anywhere in the world (blogging is far reaching), whether you are an adversary or were adamantly opposed to any or all of my views, I invite you to send me your contact information, minor hockey affiliation and I will email you an advance electronic copy of the book, free!

The minor hockey game is our Canadian passion. It is our national game. Most importantly Minor Hockey is for the children. Sometimes, we all get lost and we need reminders, tools and sometimes a “kick in the pants” to get back on track. Moron the behind scenes story of minor hockey is just that, an Adult Kick in the Pants. Enjoy the read!!

“There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them”.Denis Waitley

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