No MORON: why you’ll rarely find a moron at a professional sports event

With the recent launch of my second book, MORON: Behind the Scenes of Minor Hockey. I’ve been asked the question over and over again about why adults seemingly lose their marbles when they go into watch minor hockey. I was challenged with a simple answer and perplexed as to why I don’t have one. Virtually every time the question was asked all who were asking led me to the assumption that we somehow get this moronic behavior by imitating what we do or see in professional arenas. That led to me to reflect on that assumption or conclusion. I have concluded that is not where it comes from at all cause we don’t see it at professional events.

I have been in many professional arenas and have watched almost every sporting category NFL, NBA, MLB, NLA and NHL (except for soccer not sure why as I am Scottish. But I digress). These events have huge crowds, major entertainment, loud music, alcohol and plenty of personality types. And yet nobody climbs the glass, nobody screams profanities at the officials and nobody fights in the stands. Ok maybe sometimes this is seen but it is very rare and why? One simple word you are held “accountable” for all your actions. Think about anytime you have been in a professional sporting event. If moronic behavior erupts in any fashion the individual(s) will be asked to leave. If you try climbing the glass of a hockey rink, you are gone, if you start swearing profanities at the top of your lungs at anyone, you’re gone and if you start a ruckus or fight in the stands, you’re gone. As a matter fact most professional arenas in every sport have signage and/or announcements that regularly remind all of us that any of these behaviors will result in your removal from the event. As a result, we get it! We know that bad behavior in public results in being held accountable for your actions.

Yep it is that simple folks, accountability is the driver. This is exactly what we are talking about is the solution to adults in minor hockey or for that matter minor sports (I understand from close friends that hockey doesn’t have a monopoly on moronic behaviors at minor sporting events, go figure). Adults need to hold the morons accountable! When we see morons, we need to step up and tell the Morons that this is not appropriate. Look I have no grand illusions. I understand this is tough. But when we as the custodians of minor sports hold everyone accountable the end result will be the same as a public event like a professional sporting event, behave like a moron and be removed from the event! That’s how simple it is. There is a consequence for moronic behavior. It is this reminder that we all need that will eventually eliminate the craziness we are capturing on YouTube videos of moronic behaviors in children’s sporting events. Step up parents NOW! We are the teachers of the children being influenced by everything they are watching. And they watch EVERYTHING!

Accountability and being held accountable for your actions is not new. But it is the secret to successful communities, societies and organizations. Everything in life has consequences and we all have the ability to choose. When there are no consequences then the choices get wider for those who have the tendency to slip on the moron helmet. Keep the consequence in check through being held accountable and the helmet stays in the bag!

Approach today with accountability!

“Accountability breeds response-ability”. Stephen R. Covey

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