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Oh Mikki your so fine hey Mikki hey Mikki.

Ya I know these are Lyrics to a song from many years ago to most of you if not all. But to me these words immediately remind me of a woman who has unbelievable powers. I mean incredible powers. She can make a room reflect deep in thought, take them into sobbing tears, raise them up to a warm smile of assurance then slip them casually into roaring laughter that is beyond a painful bellow laugh.

Can you imagine having a gift like the one I just described?

Imagine speaking to an audience, any size of audience, an auditorium or an intimate gathering and having the same impact. The impact which is so profound that the effect is everlasting. The impact cuts through any demographic; professionals, leaders, managers, mums and dads, and people of every age and gender. Wow, imagine!! What would you do?

I know what she does. She shines. She delivers her message with profound consistency and power every time everywhere she travels. I know. I have witnessed her delivery firsthand many times over. And I have attended her speakers’ school four times. Well actually six times but the first time I didn't really want to be there and the second time I was more interested in the Chicago Blackhawks. But I digress and that is a different blog.

The reality is she has taught me so much in a relatively short period of time. Lessons of which she delivers to everyone who is blessed to have the chance to hear her speak. These are commanding lessons of inspiration.

· To never give up on your dreams.

· To clearly validate all your actions and dreams against your values.

· To be reminded to always ask. And ask first.

· To persevere. Even when it is damn hard.

· And to be there for the ones you love.

Motivational ya, maybe, but absolutely inspirational. Taking all who listen to a new height of possibility.

Mikki Williams; a friend, a coach and one of the most inspirational people I know. Proof to me of all the goodness that exists in the world. Remind yourself today of the Mikki in your life, and say thank you. Thank you Mikki! You're simply the best in your own outrageous way.

Life is all about choices. Make a choice to acknowledge that inspirational person in your life today. That sincere, real power is in everyday choices. And if you get a chance, check out Mikki when she comes to a location near you.

"Be outrageous, it is the only place that isn't crowded" - Mikki Williams

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