Strengths and what?

The phrase strengths and weaknesses has been used for quite some time. If you are a person wanting more positivity in your life then you need to drop the last portion of this statement! You have no weaknesses. That’s right the word weaknesses is a negative influencer and in itself is a weakness. Drop it from your mind, immediately rewire your thinking to the importance of focusing on your strengths. Am I suggesting you ignore your short comings?? Absolutely not. We need to start understanding that we have strengths and dwell on them, and we have areas which we are working on. Something that we are working on or an area we know requires improvement is a positive. By focusing on positives we can overcome any obstacle. By recognizing areas which we require improvement and establishing a plan to work consciously on them suggests we have a plan to progress. That’s positive!

Real life is always the tester for any suggestion. Let’s assume you are a skilled and organized project manager. However you have a challenge swinging a hammer or twisting screws with a screw driver. Some might suggest you cannot do anything mechanical. On the other hand, the suggestion could prove that your skills as an organized project manager could prevail in organizing those who do possess the mechanical aptitude to accomplish the task. This exercise demonstrates the importance of focusing on what you are gifted at, your strengths and allowing those skills to impact the results of an issue.

We use the phrase in business as well. As a matter of fact the common examination of a business, product or plan is widely completed by a SWOT analysis. (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). I am sure we are all familiar with the term and quite possibly the exercise. Additionally, in many performance reviews we examine the performance of employees and profile the individuals “weaknesses”. For the same reasons we in our personal lives should drop the negative connotations, business should do the same. Business leaders and owners will do far better adopting the principle of capitalizing on strengths rather than profiling weaknesses. The opportunity section should be the focus. Opportunity for development is the most effective way to growth and prosperity whether that be a product, business plan, or employee performance review. Develop a plan that focuses on growth and development. You will achieve great results in your company and with your people.

At the end of the day we all have areas we are working on improving, some directly and some indirectly. We all have gifts and the key is to focus on our gifts while positively recognizing areas of growth. When we approach all activities with a positive approach to outcomes, we achieve. Napoleon Hill states it clearly in his writings “we can achieve whatever the mind can conceive”. Simple yet effective. Think about it and it will happen.

Choose to be positive in everything you tackle. Remove the negative language that has plagued us for so long and you will be amazed at the results. Not surprising, this too comes from everyday choices and that is where the real power is, in choice!

“Whether you think you can or you cannot, you’re right." — Richard Branson.

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