So you are saying "I'm not a sales person". Well I have news for you. You are always selling. To sell is simply "expressing or conveying an idea to another person seeking their understanding or acceptance of your idea while mutually benefiting from the experience". Now with that definition in mind we are all selling something every single day and probably many different times each day to many different audiences.


Need some more nonspecific selling examples?

  • Getting your kids out of bed.
  • Selecting a movie to go see with some friends.
  • Picking a restaurant.
  • Choosing a vacation destination.

And of course if you are in business the examples are plentiful.

  • Providing direction to the employees on a certain task needing completion.
  • Getting buy in to your vision for the coming year.
  • Having the boss accept your plan.
  • Convincing the board or shareholders of the business plan.

So we understand this new definition. A new way of thinking of selling and we have related our new perspective to our own examples. How do we make sure we are really effective? I mean what if we have never had formal training? That is the best part- Selling is a gift. A gift that we all have. I figure you were given it as a necessity to survive. If you don't know how to sell you will never be on the side of satisfaction when it comes to enjoying your views being embraced or feeling a mutual degree of collaboration. Now wouldn’t that be horrible. So horrible that your survival in any environment would be in jeopardy.

Let's dismiss another myth that might be holding you back from the acceptance that you are in fact a sales person. “Sales people are aggressive, intrusive, arrogant, abrasive and annoying”. Yes, I understand we have all experienced parts of this description or maybe even all of these descriptors in a person once upon a time. None of them are elements of selling nor are they traits of a good sales person. They are simply the elements of a bad person. That is certainly not the view of a sales person that I'm part of or sharing with you.

Ok now you're convinced that there is a different perspective on selling and that to sell is to be human. Now what? Regardless of whether you are in business or raising a family, you're always a sales person.

Here are the five essential steps to selling in any environment.

1. Build relationships. There are many ways to be a great relationship builder. I like three simple rules; show up, pay attention and tell the truth.

2. Understand the need or establish the need. And the best way to do this is to ask questions. Shut up and listen. That 80% listening 20% talking rule is the secret.

3. Introduce a solution to the need. Use a phrase like "are you open to a new perspective or a different perspective". Share your solution with passion. Don't have passion? Then you don't have a solution.

4. Close the deal, establish an agreement to proceed. The process of commitment and then accountability with consequence is the most appropriate guidance to closing the deal. And by the way know when to stop talking. When you have commitment or agreement, simply be quiet.

5. Deliver your promise or what you said you would do and evaluate effectiveness. Do what you said you were going to do or what you committed to. And make sure by returning with the question on how you did. That is accountability and ensures the next solution you propose is more readily accepted. That's called trust.

Follow the five steps in every discussion and engagement, you will be delivering a more fulfilling process in every aspect in your life. You're a sales person. You have the gift to be the most effective sales person possible and you will deliver incredible results to others and yourself. That's the gift we all have to ourselves and to each other.

You have the ability to choose and that is where the real power is, make a selling choice today.

"Develop your dreams, advertise your goals, execute your plan close the sale". Michael Dooley

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