What are your #core #values?

The fifth primary satisfier is VALUES.

As previously mentioned, each of the primary satisfiers (compensation, competency, fit, growth, values and balance) are equally important. However, I would be remiss not to share that VALUES in my opinion, has the ability to alter the scale of balance. In other words if this primary satisfier is not in check, plenty of things will fall out of place. And I am not simply meaning satisfaction in what your mission is in life. If Values are not aligned with your personal, professional, business and community interactions, you are in for a very disturbing ride.

First: do you know what your values are?

I appreciate you will automatically relate to a word or two (family, friendship, love, security etc) however the question is way more involved then that. If you have not completed a core value exercise (personally) that is the first step. There are many exercises on the Internet and if you are struggling to find one, email me and I would be happy to send you one. The point being is you need to have a starting point. That starting point is a foundation that establishes your 7 core values. These are the values you will never compromise. Not the words you like. The core values are the ones that whenever they are tested you have an internal struggle. The struggle is that voice inside of you telling you (sometimes loudly) to stop or to do something. You know what I am talking about.

Second you must reflect and check your core values against everything you are doing in your life.

And when I say life, I mean everything; be it personal or professional or business or volunteering. Everything must be checked to your core values. The relationship to core values is not separate. You do not have Business Core Values and Personal Core values. The core values you have and you all have them must be ranked in order of importance. Number one is the most important value that you would absolutely never compromise and if you did you would be extremely uncomfortable. The ranking works all the way down to 7. The 7th doesn’t mean that you would compromise that value or feel ok if it were compromised. The ranking is simply there to assist you in the decision process. In other words number six is a little more critical then 7 and if a decision involved a challenge between one or the other, the ranking takes precedent.

In practice lets have a quick look at how core values play such a critical role in everything and why the violation of core values is creating most of the problems we are facing in business and in life. We get attracted to shinny beads. And that is only okay if shinny beads are one of your core values. There are no right or wrong answers to the core values exercise. The most important part is establishing your list and then cross checking and validating everything you do in life against the core value list. If you are going to join a company or are recruiting for your own company, discover the core values of the company or the individual. Do not go forward if there is not alignment with the value structure. Specifically, you are thinking about joining a company that has identified “Wealth” as their number one core value and your number one is “Health”. Neither is “bad” however there may be misalignment in focus. Go through the list and compare yours to theirs before you make any definitive decision. In business use your core value to establish any strategic initiative or business plan. If the desired state of an objective is not in line with the core values, stop and alter the plan. Values and misalignment of values in life and business is the showstopper to any decision.

Switching gears, I have watched people self-destruct over this topic. I have asked for people to go through their core values. They have established the list and I have seen the agony when they question themselves against how they are behaving or living relative to their core values. It is amazing to me how they all know that they are not living their own values yet they continue down the same path. They are being attracted to shinny beads. They are on a path that they need to change.

Check yourself in the mirror and take the value test. Are you living within the core values of your life against all the things you do personally and professionally? Start today, you all have the power it is CHOICE.

The last primary satisfier is next… Balance.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” Mahatma Gandhi

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