What has been your minor hockey experience?

From Newfoundland to British Columbia, Minor Hockey is a sport that brings communities together. We watch our little Timbits when they lace up for the first time; we see them grow and learn. We cheer them on as they move through the levels, both through victory and defeat.

But, as I’ve outlined in a few blog posts, there are major problems within Minor Hockey, starting with adults. In an effort to get the perspective from folks ALL across the country, I’m extending an invitation for players, parents, volunteers, coaches and community members to share their perspective, opinions and concerns using this survey. It’s confidential, so you needn’t worry about any repercussions (e.g.: your kid won’t be benched for your frankness.)

This is a topic that many are nervous to tackle because they’re scared of the consequences. Well I’m not scared. And let me tell you, it’s time for adults to seriously tackle these issues that are slowly causing the deterioration of Minor Hockey as we know it. With that being said, please share.

Take the survey.

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