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Todd Millar is the author of two highly acclaimed books. He wrote the groundbreaking bestseller Boardroom to Base Camp (Blooming Twig) that draws parallels between the life and leadership lessons learned from his role in the $2.6 billion dollar Bain Capital transaction and his life changing climb to Mount Everest Base Camp. Millar also penned literally a game-changing book on the problems of adult bullying, children's safety, and overall respect in Canada's minor hockey league called Moron – Behind The Scenes Story Of Minor Hockey (Blooming Twig).

Millar is currently working on his next title, tentatively entitled "TED (Total Ego Domination): Keeping TED Out of Your Life and Work". The book is slated for release with Blooming Twig (New York) in late 2014.


Boardroom to Base Camp is the bestselling story of Todd Millar — climbing to the top, both in business and in life. Millar was instrumentally involved with Bain Capital’s acquisition of Canadian SuperPages for $1.9 Billion Dollars and in less than one year, selling off the assets for $2.6 Billion Dollars. In other words, he made his company $700 Million within a period of several months. Millar suddenly found himself on top of the world.

Months later, Todd Millar bid on a trip that would again change his life forever. He and his son, T.J., were given the opportunity to climb to Base...


MORON: The Behind the Scenes Story of Minor Hockey is the bestselling book that (in part) led to the ban of body checking in peewee hockey in Canada. (See here for more information: The book tackles issues such as conduct unbecoming of adults, body checking, bullying, elite hockey programs, the decline in enrolment and perhaps most importantly, how there’s still hope to turn the game around for kids.

Here is a brief excerpt, where Millar experiences moronic behavior first hand: "... As I began to walk more...


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