Boardroom to Base Camp: Life & Leadership Lessons from the Top

Boardroom to Base Camp is the bestselling story of Todd Millar — climbing to the top, both in business and in life. Millar was instrumentally involved with Bain Capital’s acquisition of Canadian SuperPages for $1.9 Billion Dollars and in less than one year, selling off the assets for $2.6 Billion Dollars. In other words, he made his company $700 Million within a period of several months. Millar suddenly found himself on top of the world.

Months later, Todd Millar bid on a trip that would again change his life forever. He and his son, T.J., were given the opportunity to climb to Base Camp Mount Everest. The life and leadership lessons Millar learned on their journey together paralleled his boardroom experiences, and when he returned home, he crafted the Everest Model, which has shown his executive clients and readers a new way of looking at life and work.

What people are saying about Boardroom to Base Camp:

"Todd Millar has generated a compelling story that links the Principles of Leadership to succeed in business, with the use of personal principles on an epic tour. His positive approach is critical to success in every venture. He challenges the reader with a number of exercises that many will want to give a cursory review. That would be a mistake! Learning Todd’s Leadership triangle will be a benefit to developing managers and to those examining their current career. Enjoy the Story! Learn the lessons." — John O’Rourke, Entrepreneur and Mentor

"Todd’s Everest book Boardroom to Basecamp – Life and Leadership lessons from the top is an informative clear and concise model allowing for flawless execution of skills that everyone can use to reach success in both your personal and professional goals." — Byron Smith, President, Byron Smith Ford

"Within 24 hours of reading Boardroom to Base Camp, I found my self reciting his wisdom." — Liam Christie, Chair, TEC

"Boardroom to Base Camp provides compelling insights born from an unmistakable parallel between a tale of exceptional success in the business world with an exciting account of a trek up the world’s tallest mountain; a parallel solidified by a powerful element of spirituality." — Joel Irwin, Partner, KPMG Enterprises

"Boardroom to Base Camp is not just another business book. Todd Millar’s Everest Model is a primer for life and leadership…whether leading a company, a family or finding your own quality of life. It is part spiritual awakening and part swift kick in the butt, a reality check on who you are and more importantly, how you inspire others." — Mikki Williams, Professional Speaker & Vistage Chair

"Todd’s account of his ascent to Base Camp and the process he went through to prepare and then complete the journey and the parallel to the business world is remarkable. His establishment of a strong Foundation and the development of a Vision when it can be difficult to see what the ultimate goal is resonated with me and has helped me focus my approach to my work with my clients and the people that work with me." — Ian Gunn, Partner, PwC

"Millar deftly navigates the subtleties of “leadership”. In stark contrast to the dizzying change that challenges all leaders today, Millar shows us that practices central to great leadership don’t change. Deeply insightful and startlingly clear, he names the habits and choices that produce great leaders, daily. Brilliant!" — Catherine Osler, President, TEC Canada

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