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Award-winning executive coach Todd Millar offers small group and one-on-one sessions geared toward small and medium sized businesses. These intimate settings are tailored to address your company’s specific needs and they are designed to create a dynamic and comfortable environment that fosters meaningful interactions and personal and professional growth. Session length is flexible to accommodate each company’s scheduling — Todd has been able to conduct enjoyable and content-rich programs based around one-day to six-week intensives.

Though session programs are client specific, topics frequently include the following:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Assessing Strengths and Weaknesses of Sustainability
  • Streamlining Operational Procedures
  • Effectively Communicating Brand Messages
  • Understanding Performance Indicators

At the end of the day, Todd Millar's vision for you is to more effectively follow your passion and make money doing it.

Todd is an award-winning chair for TEC Canada, and continues to coach executives and entrepreneurs through the programs they offer. On the TEC Canada website, Todd is quoted as saying, "We have varying demographics and members from differing industries – the dynamic works so well because we recognize the importance of individual core competencies and how that contributes to our group strength.”

Here is a link to Todd's profile on the TEC Canada website:


Todd is also an authorized partner of DiSC®, which is the leading personal assessment tool used by more than 40 million people to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication.

DiSC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. DiSC is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioral differences. If you participate in a DiSC program, you’ll be asked to complete a series of questions that produce a detailed report about your personality and behavior.

DiSC profiles help you and your team:

  • Increase your self-knowledge: how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, what causes you stress and how you solve problems
  • Learn how to adapt your own style to get along better with others
  • Foster constructive and creative group interactions
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict
  • Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles
  • Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members

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